Delete data in Table view

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I want when I click the delete button to empty the table of data. Below is the code I used to create the table.

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This is screen table view:

delete the particular row using index method from global variable and re create the table

See in this video I have called the data from gsheet as CSV , created the table and upon clicking particular item of table which is deleted and re-created the table


Simple blocks part

App Response

If you dont want the header to remove mean use this condition

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Thank you very much for your help.
I think my idea did not reach you well. The idea is as follows:
I have a button that I want when I click on it, all the data from the table is deleted, meaning all lines are deleted with the click of a button.

Then on button click set the table datastring to create empty list

Simple… all will be cleared

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Thank you so much.
The problem has been solved this way.
Thanks for help.

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