Delete Folder on Firebase Storage

Hello koders. I have problem when i want to try to delete folder on firebase. Bellow is my block, im trying to delete folder ‘Hapus’ but its fail…
Is it possible to delete folder on firebase storage with kodular?

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You can not delete folder of firebase storage from this extension.
Firebase Storage extension can only delete a file.
Delete folder from firebase console.


Please read the block carefully. There you got the option to delete file not the folder . So first understand what the block meaning then only do. & Yes one more thing you can’t delets folder . Only files.

Thank you for your reply. Because no option to delete folder, so I tried to experiment with that block… :joy:

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Ok.Good luck. If you succed please post share your blocks…

If your problem is solved then close this topic.

How to get “image download” url that is store in firebase storage folder

just upload the image in firebase store. then click on it. you will get the link…

I know this bro
But I want useing firebase storege extension
When I Store image in firebase storage folder then it’s done, but when I trying to retrieve image from folder then it can’t work