Delete item 0 from the list (listview image)

Why when trying to delete item 0 from the list (listview image) is giving this error?

The error tells you everything, you cannot delete item 0 since it doesn’t exist. Lists start with an index of 1, so 1 is the minimum you can delete.

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In the listview image, items start with 0.
In this screenshot, and in the image of my index variable, the item is 0, so there is item 0. :thinking:

I’ve tried to start the variable at 1, but it also gives the error.

In List View with image position starts with 0 but in your list is index 1, that is the reason you set local delete to get global index_apagar + 1


Understood. Thanks @dora_paz

Maybe you should try removing it from “delete” instead of “index_apagar”.

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It worked here @deanart2012


That works too.

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