Delete start Screen

You know if there is a wey to delete the start screen ?

By that, do you mean the black “Splashscreen” (loading screen)?

or Screen1 ?

Yes I mean the black screen

Duplicated of

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Thanks to all of you I will make a tutorial because in that one the style of the start screen is in android stoch and you can see the title. .

I get a wey to delete the title and use material style when I have time i will make the tutorial to all of you :smiley:


Because the existing tutorial is only made for MIT AI2 thereof the old theme and you can remove the title and have it full screen also by choosing.

  • Theme.BaasTheme
  • Theme.BaasTheme.NoTitleBar
  • Theme.BaasTheme.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen

But keep us updated about your progress with the new Material Theme…