Deleting of Items in Database

What do you think is the problem becuase we are developing an application that sets tasks and notifies the user of the specific task that he/she sets. When the user deletes a task and exits the application, when it is launched again, the deleted task comes back?

I really wish you can help our group. It is for our capstone project.blocks

Welcome. We most of the time don’t have a crystal ball with us. :sunglasses: So please read the link i give you and then edit your first post with much more information.


Thank you for reminding. I will post more informations.

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I asked you to edit the first post not to make a new topic. I copy and pasted the text and image in this one. Don’t double post. That is against community rules.

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Because lists are not saved on phone, they are just temporary storage until app closes. You need to save your list to TinyDB (or another storage like Firebase) always when you change the list content. So you can access them when you open app.



Well actually the application can delete the task. It just comes back right after the user re-opens the app. I kind of get it now. I’ll change the blocks and try it. Thank you for your response!

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Good day! I tried to put " " to the value If Tag Not There but it just says bad arguments

You need to fill “tag” and “value If Tag Not There” arguments. Looks like you have empty sockets.