Delivery App help

Hi everyone,
I recently bought a project, since I have to develop an app for my school, I have seen dozens of hours of tutorials to be able to develop it on my own, but it is very difficult for me. that’s why I bought this ready-made project, but still there are many things that I still can’t understand. Could someone with experience help me?
P.S, sorry for my English.

So you bought your schoolproject :grin:

Buying won’t help you to learn Kodular. You have to put time in it. We are here not to make your app, we are here to help with pieces that are difficult for you. Show what piece you want help with. And tell what project you have bought.


Hello, thanks for really answering the application is just an extra, not gradable, the part with which I have problems is, link my database, I use firebase.

Cool, so what are your questions?

You should asked there where from you buyed


Delivery or School app ?