Detect Front Camera's Flash, How?

I want to detect the front camera’s flash and if the front camera has flash then turn it on otherwise show an alert message and I’m using these blocks for that:arrow_heading_down:



It doesn’t show any alert if the front camera has flash or not. It just turns on the flash of the back camera. It works only for back flash, not the front.

Any way to do this for the front camera?
And show only alert if the front camera doesn’t have flash.

Make a dialog which asks it from the user.

Ask about what?
Does their device have front flash?

Yes, you are right. BTW How can you switch on the #### front flash?

That’s not a problem. I will use this to turn on/off front flash:arrow_heading_down:

Does it show an error when you trying to switch the front flashlight on and that is not exists?

nope! that’s the problem. It will toggle flash if device have front flash otherwise do nothing…

What’s the problem with it?

And if you don’t have front flash, it does nothing! No error is showing.

I mean… if there was any way to show an alert notice would be better or if there is a way then tell me… that’s all I asked… I’m not complaining about the component, just asking


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