Detect when being in another screen

Is there any way to detect if the user who was using a Makeroid app has changed to another app?
For example, it could be useful for a question game that “bans” you if you try to open another app to search that info.

Why not try something like this?


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If I’m not wrong, the screen will change when clicking a button.
I was looking for a kind of “sensor” that detects if I’ve opened another app while the user was using the Makeroid-made app. (I’ve used the question game as an example. If the user minimize the game while playing, the game would detect it, and “ban” the players to make sure they don’t look for info on the internet).
Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, and thanks for your reply.

Screen’s App On Pause/Stop event triggers when the user leaves/quits your app.


Would be good if you add the next time your full question in your first post.


I get what your saying… If a player tries to change a value using Game Guardian or something else, ban them! Use the package extension on Makeroid, I’m guessing if you know the package just do when user leaves or exits app if package “” opened then use DataDB