Determine the maximum number of elements

This is just an old man yelling at clouds, but I need to say this.
I have a project with no problem, thousands of blocks and stuff, but everything works fine, apk and aab files can be compiled without problems.
Then I add a exact number of 6 component to one screen and BUM! the app can’t be compiled anymore!
And the funny thing is that even deleting this new components the app can’t be compiled.
This is not the first time this happens to me and looking in the community, not the first time to others.
It would be nice to know in advance the maximum number of components that can be added to a screen or inside another component so we can be aware of becoming problems, because now I have a broken project that I have no idea how to fix.
Yes, I have backups, but I have the fear that if I do it again, I’ll have the same problems again.