Device utility ID not working

Device utility ID is not working for me. Plz help…
For ready reference the block image is here with.

Its working sometimes and not sometimes … Don’t know why plz help…

To save a lot of people a lot of time… Why not tell what these blocks are supposed to do? What do you want to achieve and what is the result now.

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Use Device ID to work

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@Peter sorry if I had broke any rule of the community.

For these block when ever an user is suppose to login the system / the bocks fetch his device id. If device is registered and have rights from admin then he can use the function. Else it will restrict.

This was the main cause behind this desing as it was for native users / for internal use.

Some time it’s working some time it’s not. Don’t know the reason so posted here. To just know what wrong exactly.

If anything wrong I initiated / commented then plz ignore if the community / community people can.

@Anil2 I am new to coding so i will be glad if you can let me know what is device id to work and how to do that… I am not able to find that on my project.

Don’t know am I wrong or right is there anything with os version ?

That is not a problem but we see a lot of users who are new to coding and are trying things without knowing the basics of Kodular. Did you make these blocks yourself or did you get them somewhere?


Made it from some excel logic as I use excel verymuch along with the community topics.

@Peter I do respect the rules if anything wrong from my end then plz let me know so that I can take care of it hence forth.

@Anil2 thx. Will check it by using the same and revert. Any way thx…

What I saw in “if SignUp clicked”-Block:
You also need to change the way you switch between the screens. If you don´t want to use virtual screens, you better close the former screen after switching to the chosen screen.


Another hint: It is not longer allowed to use not resettable identification systems in google android (Android 10).

Also, you failed to show us, How did you collecting the Device ID.
You have showed as, after getting Device ID… When user click any button, try to get Device ID. If you used in when screen initialize, then you need to ask permission from the user…

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Same “unnecessary block” I used to use long time. If true is true

Thx @Anil2 its working

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