DevzStore : Enable Api 31 in your app

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Hi, i did remove the spaces but still the same, failed to create…

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Check you pm.

it has this error! can you give me tele?

You’ll have to take licence first.
And same error is showing for @MC_Atis as he have not purchased licence

I am constantly getting the error that it could not be purchased in visa or master card options. That’s why it’s not licensed.Also, paypal access is prohibited in Turkey.

Ok, no issues.Yiu can pay me through another payment mode. Check your pm.

Hello nikzdevz, thanks , it is working, I finally have uploaded my app to the store. Thank you. You are today’s hero. I think you helped lot of people, you did what should did developers of Kodular.

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Thanks you so much my friend.

Love to do that.

I don’t know why they are not doing anything

Is this app free to use

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Not all features are free .
For api 31 you’ll have to pay $1.32

Does it guranttee
And its converts aab file or apk file

If you’ll face any error you are free to ask.
Btw it enables api31

What i have to upload apk or aab

You may try app once. You get to know everything

I have a problem with paypal payment. can i use usdt?

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No, but you can pay me through other mode manually.

I have just paid $9,23 but I faced error (failed…)

I have just paid $9.23 for devzstore version 2 but I faced error (failed to submit request…). I have tried many times but still failed.

You have purchased extension :smiling_face_with_tear:
Instead of licence.

As told on email follow that.