DevzStore : Time to Shift to API33 SDK

I purchased and try to build aab 3 time and already completed 1 hour but still not et download link plz provide fast

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Please tell me your email in my pm so that I can check error log.

App login with Edit by Mod

While purchase i use Edit by Mod, personal information removed

Please use PM for exchanging personal information.

Plz provide aab file 31 api fast its urgent i already paid 100

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Please check your pm.

Version : 3.0

Change log

  • Improved UI/UX
  • No keystore - For you privacy, now you don’t need to upload keystore. Your edited apk/aab will get signed with test keystore and you can manually sign it with your keystore.
  • Send Build report - For you ease, now you can send error log to me directly in a single click.

  • android:exported - So now i have changed the default value of android:exported to true. As there are still many extension in which this tag is not added(if this tag needed) to the extension manifesto. So because of which app started misbehaving. But now its fixed.
  • No Ads - So now you can opt premium service to remove ads completely from app.
  • New site - As far as i know, many have reported about the site. so now its improved and will get more improvement in some days.

Message for all international user

So if paypal is not allowed in you country.So you can send me a personal message. You can pay me through other payment mode until I don’t get approved by razorpay.


Visit site
Direct download

Thanks for your support.
Hope you love it :heart:

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Nice work nikz, one suggestion I would like to provide would be to prepare apps for future too, Like you could directly target Api 33 that will be a fair deal for both you and your customers. They won’t need to ask you for help in next Year’s August (Api 32 Deadline)

You could check out Stripe, it works for almost All countries

Ok my friend, i’ll make it in next update

i was having no clue about this. Thanks for suggestion i’ll check about this.

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Link is now updated! Yesterday i forgot to add new app on drive.
Now you can download it easily

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Your contribution is really appreciable, helpful for community and on other side shameful for staff who just added premium system and ran away


Thanks but my app us not completely free

Doesnt matter, its just 1-2$

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hey. thanks for the app and the update to v3. definitely a huge help for all of us. i paid for the license and i paid today for no ads. the no ads part doesnt seem to be working. still getting ads whenever i do anything. same account as this one through google. paypal transaction ID 0XV20750XX120110J. any way to push that on your end?

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Please check pm

I’ve found the error and will be fixed soon

Can this application be used to convert a game created in Gdevelop?

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First of all, What is Gdevlop?
if its apk then it may be possible

Gdevelop is an engine to create games for PC, Android and iOS.

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I’m not so sure but its its apk and you have your keystore then you check about that. There is chance that it may get worked.