DevzStore : Time to Shift to API33 SDK

Doesnt matter, its just 1-2$

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hey. thanks for the app and the update to v3. definitely a huge help for all of us. i paid for the license and i paid today for no ads. the no ads part doesnt seem to be working. still getting ads whenever i do anything. same account as this one through google. paypal transaction ID 0XV20750XX120110J. any way to push that on your end?

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Please check pm

I’ve found the error and will be fixed soon

Can this application be used to convert a game created in Gdevelop?

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First of all, What is Gdevlop?
if its apk then it may be possible

Gdevelop is an engine to create games for PC, Android and iOS.

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I’m not so sure but its its apk and you have your keystore then you check about that. There is chance that it may get worked.

All the International payment and Paypal is now disabled in app. So please wait for next release as new gateway will be integrated.

Also some of the more extension is going to be relased soon on devzstpre like ads extension, audio fx, photo edit, sidemenus etc

This error coming from yesterday please solve fast…

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I have the same error 3 days ago

It was fixed yesterday.

why this app?when kodular target sdk is 31

Still somewhere user faces issue when they upload apk or aab to play store.

what is the price in €?

You might want to explain, why you think you still need this solution… Kodular already targets SDK31 since a while… and concerning extensions, always use the latest versions…


i just asked. i am not willing to buy this. i know kodular is targeting Sdk 31 and soon we will get Sdk updates on time. thanks taifun

when I click on the link it says:
Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526

site is not active these days as i am working on devzstore v4 that will be have feature of api 33

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Subject: Upgraded API: Time to Shift to API33 SDK and Upcoming DevzStore APK

Dear DevzStore Users,

Great news! Our API31 SDK has been upgraded to the latest API33 SDK. It’s time to start using it for your projects. The API33 SDK offers enhanced features and optimizations, boosting development efficiency.

We’re excited to share a significant update regarding our SDK. While your existing app currently reflects API31, we’re pleased to inform you that behind the scenes, our server has been upgraded to the robust API33. This upgrade brings a range of improvements and optimizations that will undoubtedly enhance your app experience.

What’s more, we have some fantastic news in store for you. We’re diligently working on a new DevzStore APK release, complete with a fresh UI and exciting features. This update will elevate your app usage to an entirely new level, offering a seamless and enriched experience.

Stay tuned for further announcements about the upcoming DevzStore APK release. We’re confident that the combination of the upgraded SDK and the new app version will provide a remarkable and dynamic user experience.

As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.


Best regards,
The DevzStore Team