DevzStore : Time to Shift to API33 SDK

Thank you.

that works now. thanks!!!

Have you uploaded Keystore?

Sorry guys,
Right now, my laptop’s battery is dead and i am in journey. So will update tomorrow morning.

How? Update?

after how much time will you solve the problem

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As i told you on telegram, I’m shifting my room.

try now my friend.

Hi my friend,your bug is now resolved

Hello, I really wanted to use your app and pay it but It IS NOT POSSIBLE DUE milion non-cancaling infinity ADS which is super annoying. I just want it to pay but during it I had 3 ADS. Are u serious ??

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My friend, i have to pay for servers too.
So if i remove ads then I’ll prefer to increase prices of licence of it will be ok then I’ll surely do this…

I understand that but I wasnt able to buy your application, for example you can turn off Ads during buying license. Okay I finally bought license after 45minutes, now I will just wait for license file/key from you? thank you

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My friend i have disabled ad while payment in new version of app…

I don’t have to send anything it will get updated on server
You may now proceed to build api31 apk
Make sure you have uploaded Keystore from the account section.

Devzstore @ Version 2

Change Log

  • Fixed Keystore upload
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Decreased Ads
  • Removed Some Permissions

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It worked man, you beauty.

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Thanks man for using my app.

Hi, im using version 2.0 and have uploaded and saved my keystore and have bought license but its not working properly. I need help to solve this issue. I have a screenshot.

Send me your email in pm

Your app name contains space in it so please remove it. the try

I can’t make it