Dialog not appears when closing screen

Describe your issue

after closing screen2 and moving to screen1 then any kind of dialog isnt appear (or custom)

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. set in screen1 - when button1.click >>> open notifier message dialog
  2. go to screen2
  3. back to screen1 (with close screen block)
  4. click on button1 to invoke dialog

Expected Behaviour

dialog should appear on screen

Actual Behaviour

Show your Blocks

Android version

tested on android 5,7

Without any more info like blocks and how you switch screens it is hard to help. You should understand that.


yes this error also occured with me it only show blank dialog with an ok button. sometimes it shows the msg sometime it doesn’t shows the msg.




blocks in screen1

i dont have blocks in screen2

aia also attached

shop2.aia (50.8 KB)

Try with the blocks from the link above


ok its working, i missed this part in screen2 thankyou

But there is a problem with @Mika method blocks ( in function ).
It deletes data of a screen.
I mean if I load data from airtable or other and use in screen and use your method to open screen then the data will be deleted and I have to load data again. That is the main problem.
I do not know why to use this method because I use ’ open another screen block ’ and it works fine for me.Everything is correct.No error occurs.

Unable to add window -- token android.os.BinderProxy@45d459c0 is not valid; is your activity running?

This error also when not opening other screen and I fixed this error in my app by cleaning up some blocks and re-using all blocks.

and if you save the data from airtable in tinyDB is not good enough forthis situation?

That will only increase app storage if I store and if I delete data after process then I have to use more blocks.
I am thinking why this method exists I mean for what problem.
Of course sometimes ( I experienced ) an error dialog shows when switching between screens.
But I have to say that it also occurs when using too many blocks and duplicate blocks ( I am not confirm ).
But I used a list view to show option instead of using buttons ( for me it is better way ) and same error shows.
So I thought so many times and solved problem.

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