Diary: My latest struggle in making an app

Never used so many arrangements before. :crazy_face: The shoe is just a temporary image. All i did until now just 206 blocks. Most things set in the designer.

A lot of setting visible and none visible. I want everything to work in one screen.
Things yet to come.

  • What after selecting a route. open arrangement with information and on pressing show the route with a polyline and markers.
  • when showing the route and clicking a button, show the directions.
  • Use TinyDB to open the tutorial screens just once.


I started using the Google map component as it is an important part of my app.

Displaying the polyline is not a problem but i notice something strange when i want to display the marker. The same procedure works in Thunkable but not in Kodular.

In Thunkable i can use the content of the variable KML_extract but not in Kodular. Is there something i am doing wrong?

This is the Thunkable routine and that works.


I made the kmlextract variable a global one. I can now see my camera move to position so that works to. And i don’t get an error anymore.

Just my marker isn’t showing.


I used the below block instead of the Add markers block and now it is working as it should. Me happy!!! :crazy_face::nerd_face::grin:


This is the routine to delete all Markers and Polylines. Maybe of use to someone else.


This is just a sample how the routes will be displayed. When clicked on the marker it will display the start adres. It has to work in the end that when you press the upward pointing arrow on the bottom that the screen is split in two and you get directions.


More screenshots. The shoes will be replaced by pictures and the listview is now filled with sample data.

This is how it looks when the directions are opened.


Started work on the database that holds all info.

  • Title of the route for Google Marker and listview
  • Snippet of the route for Google Marker and listview
  • The KML string for Google Maps
  • Filename of HTML-file with the directions
  • Filename of HTML-file with route information
  • Filename of photo to show in Listview
  • etc etc

The below i learned from Pixii Bomb. Her info and tutorials are great to learn the concepts of AI and its clones. I learned a lot from her.


After that i just need to do this to display the right information in the Google Map.

I wanted to use a Splash Screen in my app but that fills the whole screen. Never used that before. In my mind i thought it would display just the icon in the middle of the screeen.


Still working on the app. Encountered something strange. I have a lot of little html files i have to upload to the server to use in my app. When i uploaded them really fast something went wrong on the server side and filenames are coupled with the wrong content. So for example file 26.html had the content of 19.html. I uploaded the files again and between every file i waited until the toastmessage was gone. Now all files are ok and working as they should.


why there is no reply

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Is this what you wanted?

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yes i wanted this :laughing:

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Reply from who and why?


means you was only writing here no one was replying to this topic

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It was just something i noticed. Not looking for a reply. So i have to be patient i guess when uploading assets.


I have to use a database or databases. In the beginning database(S) looked better and so i had to do this.

Four databases. 1 for every listview and all four databases into one for the final listview.

But i had to make a lot of blocks for that to make it work and it wasn’t really usefull.

So it did it like this.

One database were i select what part i put in which listview. In the final listview, number 5, i don’t select so it contains everything.

I noticed the listview has no block to see the total number of items in a listview so i made a few global variables to keep track of the number of items in the listview.

I use categories. Nature routes, City routes, etc. I make the heading and footer change color according to the category. I have to also change the statusbar color.

Besides the color also the icon in the top right changes.


Moreover this was also a time stamp for you, right?

What do you mean? Like a diary? Still working on it. Had a busy week.


i mean to say that with this topic your can keep track of your progress like what you achieved and when