Different screen shows in companion

Hello koders, I face an issue when connecting companion. Sometime companion show me this type of screen. But the problem is that it shows me this screen suddenly.

Just few seconds before I test my app its working fine… when I try everything, means disable blocks one by one to find the issue on blocks invisible all components one by one. And when I got tiered to do this all then suddenly it work fine again. I face this problem 4-5 times…
Anybody knows the possible reason of this problem?

I am using dynamic component extension in this project

It’s common in companion when your blocks is too much on screen initialise or sometimes because of slow internet or too much traffic on rezendvous server.
Companion takes some time to render the things it’s not same as compiled apk. So give the time

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If I use procedure for that … it will help me ?

It is quite common in companion… Shows the blocks images imprint for few seconds but it will applicable in apk format. So without considering this and all just go on and Test your logics

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No procedure is also same it also contains your blocks so it couldn’t help. You have to wait until all blocks are executed and screen rendered.
As I said before companion is not your fully compiled apk it works on internet so many factors affects the companion like your internet speed and concurrent connection in companion

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And how Can I reduce the load of screen initialize block.
I know I can use clock timer. but Is there any more methods to reduce the load like clock ?

Why do you want to reduce or manipulate the blocks only for companion. Your design , No. of Visible Components also matters.

Not a optimized or correct way to reduce the load.

Mine Project is also shows in many seconds in companion so it’s not a issue

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No not for the companion. I want to reduce the load for the screen. because I user dynamic components for this project so, I have to load too much data from server. I just want to make the app smother. because when I install the apk it load slower even now the data is not too much.

Which database are you using ? To get the data

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I am using

Ways to optimise your blocks.

  1. Use schema for dynamic components. It saved almost 95% blocks for dynamic components.

  2. Use any components blocks ( Believe me it saved your workspace also and saved too much blocks. Use this for dynamic as well static component also.
    For example if you have 4 Static buttons and you set every button.On click then you can use any component block to reduce the blocks.

  3. Don’t load everything from online only important things load like images,lottie,etc.

  4. If your blocks is too much around 1500-2000 then shift some things to another screen if possible.

ok thank you so much for your suggestion. It will help me a lot.

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