Different Screen Size Design Issue


(Tarun Biswas) #1

Hey there,

I am having a problem with My App design where I observed My Text Label Position is Changing in different screen size (Resolutions).
My Screen is set to “Responsive”

Please have a look at the attached Screenshot…

(Nathan) #2

You can make your app responsive to different devices by finding the Screen Width and Height, then go from there. You’ll need an emulator to test it.

(Tarun Biswas) #3

Thanks for your reply I was waiting for it…

How to Set Screen Height & Width for Different Devices ?

(Nathan) #4

No you don’t set Screen Width and Height, you use the Blocks in the Screens section to get them, then change things Components Height and Width according to the Width and Height of the devices screen, like getMDL, has a Grid System for Web Components, just do the same thing, just yourself and with Android.

(Tarun Biswas) #5

I used Horizontal Layout as “Space” in this ScreenShot and set the height to 35 Percent

(Nathan) #6

I don’t think you’re understanding what you’re able to do. You can’t just have one set height for something if you want it to work on other devices. Use this as an example:

I’ll try making one for you too.

(Tarun Biswas) #7

Responsive Layout Grid seems best for what I need but as I am New to Kodular can you please explain me how to use it…

(Nathan) #8

I’m really trying hard on this one but, because Kodular apps aren’t so responsive, cards won’t move down if they go off the screen :roll_eyes:

Try one of these while I figure this out:

(Nathan) #9

I got this working on my 360 DP device (Mobile), and the used Developer Options to change my device width…

MaterialGridExample.aia (5.0 KB)

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I unlisted this. this is an earning app and not allowed by Kodular and Google.


Wait, are earning apps now officially against Google Play Store’s & Kodular’s ToS?:grinning: