Disable home press

HELP. How to use block accesbillity tool1 for disable home press? please help me.

As far as i know it’s not possible to disable home press. And why do you want to disable it anyway?

I’m working on a project to make EXAMBROWSER

Am sorry, that’s not possible. But you can do something like this on app pause do something or on app resume do something. In this case you can detect if a user leaves the app.

This block is not to disable home button, it is supposed to simulate the click at this button. In others words, it will minimize all the apps. and show home screen.
There is no way to do what you want. Not with kodular at least. And I hope it never becomes possible since such kind of app would literally hijack the cellphone. In the wrong hands it would be worse than any virus.

as per me this can only be possible when the user gives the admin app permission to the app (idk what to call it) and after that there has to be a workaround with java through extension

has anyone been able to do it?

i have created extension for this. but im not share. ihave small problem, why do you not protect dex of your exambrowser from reverse enginering. https://community.kodular.io/t/aix-extension-disable-split-screen-and-pop-up-samsung-paid/230287