[Discontinued] Dots Indicator Extension || Create dots indicator below Image slide show

And so some new?

Hello @iamwsumit Its a really great extension. Really useful.
Here is a code suggestion you can use to make your extension more accessible and easy to use:

    private int activeColor = Color.WHITE;
            editorType = PropertyTypeConstants.PROPERTY_TYPE_COLOR,
            defaultValue = "&HFFFFFFFF"
    @SimpleProperty(description = "")
    public void ActiveColor(final int color) {
        this.activeColor = color;
       // Here change the actual active color of dots
    @SimpleProperty(description = "")
    public int ActiveColor() {
        return this.activeColor ;

And the same code can be used for inactive color.

To understand how to set color is designer property take a look here:
defaultValue = "&HFFFFFFFF"

  • Here ignore first two alphabets &H.
  • The next two FF alphabets represent the transparency of the color.
  • The next 6 Fs represent the hex value of color.

Hope it helps


Nyc extension keep it up
Add the animation fast to your extension

great extension @iamwsumit . but please add blocks to delete the created dotview and blocks to update the lenght of the created dotview

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As @zainulhassan said for updating the color property for making it simple Today I have updated this
and as @Soham_Shah said for removing the dots It has also added

Version 2

Property Updated


Block Added

component_method (35)

This block remove all the created dots

Kindly update the extension for best service
Thanks @zainulhassan and @Soham_Shah
Thank you all for using my extensions

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why do i always have bugs with this extension

Well thats a bug on your side @iamwsumit You need to fix issue in the property blocks.

Work on this extension has been stopped. This extension will not be updated any more as I have launched a new one or more customizable version of indicators extension. :slightly_smiling_face:

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