[Discontinued] Neumorphic Design Extension || An extension for creating neumorphic design

@nikzdevz His Extension Has Block Which Gives a Block Which Reproduces A Button Click Animation . @Sumit1334 Is there Any Way To Reproduce This Animation in Your Extension

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Version 2

The paid library is removed from the extension now. Now the extension is totally free for all and you dont need to pay now anyone.
@oseamiya and @Atom_Developer, @hammerhai , @Balajidev , kindly remove your post about that paid library. because it may confuse the users.

Block Added

I have added this animation in this update. You can now animate the layout :slightly_smiling_face: witht this below block


This block helps you to set the click property or animation property of the layout. If animation set to true then it will animate the layout and if not then no animation will be shown.

Extension package and its name is changed now. When you export the extension it will not be updated because its package has been changed and also name.

Download links are updated. Go to the top and download the latest version from there.

Sumit :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Sumit1334

Take This



This is gold
Thanks for extension mate :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:

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I tried on compainon but nothing happen with this extension

If you’re using the beta companion, that’s the issue. Test in an APK.

Where is i find not Beta companion?

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My Companion is crashing, and the compiled app also crashing. Below are my blocks kindly point out the mistake. Thank you, @Sumit1334

it is not working for me can you please provide me the aia file for an example

Can you tell me what’s not working? Elaborate your issue.

i used vertical arrangement i got error and when i used horizontal arragement i didnt get error

This extension is unbelievable! I am studying UI designing, and I felt interests in neumorphism design few weeks ago. So I wanted to create them in Kodular, and this extension will fulfill what I want!


@Sumit1334 It does not work on AI2. Why?

Have not got time to check it.

The question / hint was addressed to the extension creator.

But your extension doesn’t work either, neither on Kodular nor on AI2.


Which I paid for by the way.

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Can you elaborate more? It seems working fine to me.


There seemed to be a problem / conflict with the other neumorphic extension from @nikzdevz which was also in my test project. After removing it seems to work.

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Hi :slight_smile:

Any idea what’s going on here? With these blocks I don’t get any errors, but the whole arrangement just disappeares :S