Discourse Community Authentication

The DCA extension, short for Discourse Community Authentication, is my first open-source extension! Over the next few weeks you will see many improvements to code and a great amount of customization! If you come across errors, please file an issue report as I did make this in two-three days.

Please respect my wish that you do not take a snippet from this extension, create a one-block extension for yourself, and then not use my extension. More customization will come in the future, just be patient <3

Documentation or (The Hub / Assets / com.github.sharkphin.dca.aix) Download!


Issue has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.


Great work!

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Nice Work!

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Great work

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@Stormi I really don’t understood the use/purpose of this extension. Is it like fb authentication or it will authenticate users who are using discourse.

Could you or anyone explain me :sweat_smile:

It provides an easier way to get someone to grant you access to their profile on the community using the Discourse API. Certain routes will require a User API Key and some will require an Admin API Key (which can only be generated from the Admin Dashboard). This extension makes it easier to get the User API Key to use for the Discourse API if need be.


Nice extension

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