Discuss : google sheet , sql lite

If the data link is put in web(google sheet) using kodular via the web component, will any user with have the link be able to modify this data???
Because I want to use sql lite but this seems a bit complicated on how to insert and get all rows without errors using web component


Google sheet is data online
SQLite is data on device

What is this data link you speak of ?

In order to modify data (CRUD) on a google sheet, you will need to use the Google Sheets API or Google Apps Script web app

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If recall correctly, OP doesn’t use a script. He uses gviz method just to get the whole data from gsheet as csv

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Sometimes link call errors occur when using the web component…(if user click to enter… When network is prepare to make connection…) then show error like 1109… And disblay the link of the data :slightly_smiling_face: ( I cant prevent this error at all I tried when screen error occured but work50%… Not for all error))
For example, the link will appear to the user
Therefore, if any user places this link in the browser, he can download the entire data in excel, and this violates the privacy of users
I tried my sql by adding mysql but the invoking method didn’t work…
It’s very complicated, knowing that I have a web host

Now you talk about mysql on a server - more confusion…

It sounds like you have a network connection issue, which will present itlesf regardless of the method you use to call or modify data. You will need to handle this in your blocks, testing for connectivity before accessing your data, fetch data in small amounts if connectivity is likely to drop during a data download.

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