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The value is on other site other than firebase and airtable example a website I want only that value live in my app not the website

1: you need to use Web component and use block get html, after get content, pick your data from that html,

2: if that data is in json format like many websites provide data in json with api, so you can use json parsing.

you might want to elaborate, see also


I have to login to go to the site

then you cant get data with html, you can ask the web owners, if they can provide you api or json

If this is not your site you should also read up on a thing called copyright before using stuff from other people.


And when I use web viewer I can not use Google sign in

It’s my site

How have you got a website at just 14 years of age?

What is your website about?

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i can guess something about (pubg) tricks and hacks etc. :joy:

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A blog website of apps

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