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This is all started from a topic about a non-English meme. This violate the rule, and therefore it is closed and unlisted. Some people don’t Iisten and didn’t stop, so staff started to get attention. Days later, the “Happy Independence Day” is created. Then, a mod unlisted that and said they were dealing with off-topic until they have a decision. And apparently some people start misbehave like using inappropriate emoji. Mods therefore suspend them.


Not a excuse.
Keep yourself at place of staff and think. You have to make such a statement by which you have to stop all the situation currently going. And answer to the queries. Otherwise many of your audience/users can leave you.

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Yeah @vknow 360. you deserve an answer. I know very well the contribution and the work @vknow 360. But here we need to add the community and not fight among ourselves

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Why are you ban evading?

I still don’t know where did disrespecting countries or discrimination come from

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What was This
For the moment we will unlist and close this until we have decided internally how to deal with all the off-topic topics that are flooding the community. So all off-topic topics created that are not related to programming or design will be closed and unlisted.

The Indepence Day topic is back again:


At the time of creating it was not restricted, so it is fair to give it back. However, as with the others topics in #off-topic, it is restricted with new replies, and only available to see, not to interact.
In addition, all non-English texts from it have been hidden.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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Please ignore those comments. I’m sure moderators will take action

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What do you mean? Do you even know what are you talking? That was not a meme. That is a patriotic song in India. Please don’t guess if you don’t know the fact.


I did not want to post old topic
But if you needed proof i posted
why you fear and flag the post

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Thank you very much :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: …till infinity :heart:
I knew that you will give it back so I avoided the revenge and choose to stay here and be polite :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:




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Now you don’t know what’s is he talking about.
@WatermelonIce is right.

@asimjib93 read this

Now you may get the non-English meme.

The point is it is non-English. If it is not a meme, I will correct it. And stop being a denial, because what I am talking just now is a fact. Thank you.


At the outset, thank you all for your responses. I will attempt to answer all your questions and settle this matter for good.

Whenever we encounter a post not in English, we either flag it or urge the author to translate the content while temporarily unlisting their topic. We have no bias in which language we allow and disallow. @Diego has already posted a more detailed response above.

If some topics bring people closer at the cost of alienating others, we do not think they’re appropriate for this platform. Kodular Community is for shared progress, and it is up to us to ensure everyone is able to have a healthy discussion here. We wish for everyone here to identify as Koders first and everything else later.

If some topics promote exclusivity and encourage friendliness only to a subsection of our users while estranging others, then it’s not apt for this community.

Consider yourself in someone else’s shoes for a while. When you see topics about a different country/ethnicity than yours with hundreds of replies, you’ll most definitely want to contribute too. But you realise you don’t know enough about the country/ethnicity to comment, and you’re afraid you’ll end up offending someone by saying something ignorant. You’ll eventually stop contributing to the community because you don’t feel at home. We do not wish for the Kodular community to become a similar platform.

Please do not push your agendas here.

The only posts that were flagged in the Indian Independence Day topic were those not in English. The moderators saw issue with topics about memes and inappropriate content posted in #off-topic, not with the content of the I-Day post specifically. When we decided all off topic posts had to go, a consequence was all celebratory topics had to be removed too. We understand your displeasure with the staff not informing you of the rules before implementing them, and we’ll try to be better with community communication next time.

The category is still visible, but read-only.

We so not tolerate harassment of our members. We request the creators of such content to immediately cease and desist from their unlawful activities. Kodular will be forced to take legal action if our moderators and staff continue to face libel.

Some users were suspended by moderators. This wasn’t because they posted in other languages or because they went off topic. Rather it was because they posted inappropriate emoji and threatened staff and moderators. We do not wish to have members who do not respect the rules. We’ve also noticed several of the suspended users are already back with secondary accounts. If you cannot respect the rules of the platform, you have no grounds to appeal your ban.

That will mostly be allowed as long as English is included. We will clarify the exact details soon.

If you want to make an accusation, you might as well back it up with proof or risk a defamation charge.

Not true. As I mentioned above, the decision was made due to other topics like the whole binod fiasco and memes about other countries. The I-Day topic was unfortunately caught in the crossfire.

I hope I’ve made things clear. If you still have questions, you can reach out to me via PM and I’ll try my best to answer.

Happy Koding!