Dismiss Progress Dialog bug?

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In this case, the Progress Dialog is shown and immediately after it is closed.
It does not respect the condition of the IF block, and closes ahead of time.

I created an exclusive notification component for him to avoid conflicts.
If I disable the “Dismiss Progress Dialog” block, it actually remains, indicating that his presence there in the Procedure is causing the bug.

I have also made sure that the Procedure only runs 2 times:
1 - When I request data from Airtable
2 - When I receive data from Airtable

So, of course there is no way that this can happen and it seems to be a bug.
Can you reproduce that?
Thank you.

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This block “Clock timer” solve this bug!
“Dismiss progress dialog” not respect the condition of the IF block

You have discovered that these progress dialogs need separate events in order to function correctly :slight_smile:

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