Disorded Firebase Database Arrangement

My Firebase Data are not orderly arranged
My input data are in disorderly arrangements

Any Solution?

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Can you take pictures of your blocks?

Your firebase it is in order.
11-30-2019 …
11-30-2019-01-10-15 …
11-30-2019-12-01-50 …
What is 01-10-15 and 12-01-50 ( is time ?? ). If are a time set this to 24 hours.
11-30-2019 …
11-30-2019-12-01-50 …
11-30-2019-13-10-15 …
Or post more info about tag store in you firebase for more help. Sorry for me english.

The time is set to 12 hours automatically
How can i set it to 24 hours?

check below

Please don’t create duplicate topics.

If you switch the hh to HH you will receive 24 hours in format

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