Display all items in List View Image and Text component

Hi Community,

sorry, I cound not find any answer to this elsewhere.
I am using the List View Image and Text component.
I have 40 items to display. I have noticed that in order to display everything, the component should use the entire screen. If I use only half of the screen (what I would like to do), the list will only go from item 1 to item 29, I cannot scroll further down then.
Any idea how to go around that ? I guess I could greate something more fancy using dynamic components but I would like to stick to the basic components if possible.

Any help appreciated.
Many thanks !

Put your list into a verticalScrollArr that is set to half of your screen.

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Hi Django.
Thanks for the suggestion. That doesn’t seem to be working though. Still won’t scroll further than 30 entries. Any other idea ?


Welcome !

It is not clear. The Component Vertical Arrangement Scroll will scroll all elements.

I think your list is only 30 items, not 40.

Sorry, my mistake, Django’s solution actually works well.
Thanks a lot Django and Rogerio.


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