Display as a marker my location (latitude, longitude) from Airtable on a map

hi, i am new to kodular. hope i can receive some helps from the expect.

i have my location data (longitude and latitude) store in mysql database. i want to display them as a marker on top of a map in my device built using kodular. do you have any idea how can i do so?

thank you so much. your help means the world to me <3


Try :
From Mysql.

can you show me the blocks and the php? it might help me to understand the process.

1-Access to php is with the web component.
2-I return to the Got Text event.
3-I use the join block and lookup pairs Key to assemble the Json string and create the markers.
4-PHP …
I query the database and return Json

thats really help. but i was clueless how the php and the blocks will be to assemble the json string and return json :frowning:

Web Component



Continuing the search ,( in this community there are almost all responses posted )

i cant found json component. why is it?

Web Json Decode text Block

This page was made for reading and learning.



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Hi @nurshazlinnatasha welcome to our community

is this what you expect? it uses google spreadaheet. you can customize it with mysql.

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Friend, if you want to make a system, you usually have(must) to know:
1-what you want to do
2-what you need to do
to achieve your goal
3-what you need to use to do
4-know how to use item 3 to do what you want
5- try to do


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