Display different results according to the data of my google sheet

Hello community, I developed an application with your help of course, and I would like to add a feature.
My app is linked to google sheet.

When I type the id number in a text field and then press the verify button, all items in the line of my typed id will show up in the application. Only I would like that if in column “C” of my Google Sheet by doing the verification as previous 'there is a number less than 1, that an image is displayed on which will be written: invalid, plus the information of line. And if the number is greater than 0, another image is displayed on which will be written: valid, plus the information of the line.

If by typing the identifier does not exist, an image is displayed To say, the identifier does not exist. I would like this to be done in the “C” column of my google sheet, that’s where the values ​​are.

What I’ve done so far:

So far I’ve done so that if the id exists the app just displays the line info, if the id doesn’t exist the app displays an image that says it doesn’t exist . Help me please.

here is the project. the blocks are found in screen 4 :

SOLIDA_2 (1).aia (998.5 KB)

If your google sheet is anyone can view then you can use a gviz query to return the row data based upon your provided ID. After that simply a process of assessing <1 or >0 and displaying the related image. Hmmm… less than 1 greater than 0, does this amount to the same thing ?

If your google sheet is private, you can still use a gviz/query method, but you would need a google apps script web app to handle your request.


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