Division of textbox value by number

Dear member
I want to divide the number in textbox.text by 30 and it should automatically visible on othe textbox .
I got an error of bad argument. Request you kindly help me out as i want it asap

Welcome to the community, please post your blocks in order to get help. Also since is your first vist please see


Whenever you ask question post your blocks to get answer soon.

Anyway guess,
Text box 1- user input value
Text box 2 - result to publish (read only)

When user click the button use
Set text box to (maths block ) text box value / maths number block(assign 30).


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Complementing the answers above:
You need to decide when, what event will trigger the textbox value will be divided by 30.

In the click event of any component?
In the lost focus event of the input textbox?


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Set textbox1 numbers only on property also say what u typed and what is full error on it device with screenshot

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