Do a Specific Task After Screen Unlock

Let me Explain from Start

  1. If User Turn on Switch then A 2 Second music will be Played When he will unlock His Phone
  2. If User Turn Off Switch then No Music will be Played When he Unlock his Phone
    I want to Create App Something like this

User Will Only Open App When He Wants Music to Play When He Unlocks Phone
Or Want to Disable it Remaining Work will be Done in Background.
If you Download The Link I Gave you link you will Understand what i want

Sorry, but I really don’t have the time to install an unfamiliar app and learn Arabic (?) In order to understand what you want (your steps).

Is it really that difficult to explain this clearly:

  • Step 1: Do this …
  • Step 2: Do that …
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Step 1: User Download App and Open it
Step 2 : User Enable Switch from app
Step 3 : User lock his Phone & when he unlock his phone A music is played once Step 4 : Music should be played every time he unlock his phone
Step 5 : When user Turn off Switch no music will be played when he will unlock his phone
Hope you understand what I want to say

Try this: play_unlocked3.aia (145.9 KB)

yes please

also please remove the extensions from this thread and add a link to the newly to be created extension thread… thank you…


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When I Unlock phone the Music Doesn’t Play(It only plays If i lock device when Music was playing or else when the Music is Completed After that when i Lock my phone & unlock it. Music doesn’t play

When my app opens, the music won’t play.
When the switch is then set to on, the music plays.
When the screen is then locked, the music stops.
When the screen is unlocked then the music plays again.

So where is the problem? Make a video that shows what happens and tell us what should happen.

I figure it out then Problem
The problem was when player 1 Stop Clock 1 timer enable to False so when again I unlock phone since the clock 1 timer was off music wasn’t playing instead of that I put When player 1 stop set Player 1 stop
Now it’s Working fine
I just need 1 last help how to set this so that when app is fully closed music still play in BG(When user unlocks phone) I had the extension of Xoma but don’t know how to use

No, see here (these are the blocks of my aia):
When the music is completed while playing in the background, music stops. But when the user unlocks the screen (and switch is on / checked) the music plays again.
So again, where is the problem?

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