Do i need to get approved again?

I downloaded aia file of admob approved app and imported it as new project changing its name. I also imported the keystore of previous app so no do i need to approve it again to serve ads?
what if i also changed the package name?

Yes. Each project is reviewed independently.

but currently its showing ads on my new app

@Diego . Is this a bug? Are you approving apps, or approving ADMOB Id’s?

Yes, it is a known bug, on Wednesday it will be finished with the new version
Technically when you upload an AIA you should have to be approved, it shouldn’t be saved

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so it means that i should again request for approval…ok i am doing that

This didn’t happen to me, when i restored aia of aa approved app it again asked for approval, I have a number of doubts.

  1. How an app is actually approved ? Is it the keystore ? or the App Id ? or Adomob Ad Units ?
  2. What if I had to restore my backup for some reasons do I need to request approval again ?
  3. Even after approval, my app which is having 6 screens, 2 screens shows ads, whereas other 4 screens show - your app isn;t appproved, is it a bug ? will it be solved in the next update ?