Do our app work if it's minimized instead of closing?

I have done an experiment before asking this question and got the answer: NO

I just want to confirm whether I’m right.

Here’s how I tested:

I set the clock as
After 1 minute change the text in the label(text=working )

After 0.45 minutes I minimized the app and opened it after 2 minutes then the text should be changed as I expected but I need to wait for 0.15 minutes (to complete one minute) to change the text

In one of my app I played a music using exoplayer and it played even after minimising the app.
Background functioning feature will come to Kodular soon.

I just want the clock component to work when the app is minimized, is there any other way without using any extension

As I mentioned above (I read in some post)
This functionality will come soon in Kodular. They are working on it.

are you sure?

you might want to post the link to that post then

Kodular apps generally are not really able to run in the background, however now we have an extension to do this: BackgroundTasks Extension by Atom_Developer (25 USD)



Thank you @Taifun for your reply

There can be two reasons:
1.Clock is not set to fire always
2.Since UI does not exist in background so you can’t work with visible components there.

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Assuming that Kodular is keeping up with MIT’s master, a somewhat recent pull request added the ability for extensions to declare service elements in the AndroidManifest. I actually built a similar extension to test that PR by just having a background clock going in an extension to drive UI updates even when the screen was off. This functionality is part of the upcoming nb184 release (You can check out master and use the extensions in ai2-test).

  • E.W. Patton

clock is a none visible component right?

Yeah I have set it as false

So that means we can expect it soon.

Yes it is.But label is a visible component.

Set it to true and see what happens.

@Ansh_Anand you should give attribute to original author i.e. E.W.Patton
Also Kodular still does not support use of service in extensions.
You will have to play some trick with aix.

Well I just pointed the Post. The whole discussion can be found through link and I thought it was Anke’s post.

Any tentative dates when this realese is going to be launched?

Yes, just used label for a test actually I want to play a sound after the time. What about this?


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