Do you approve ads in my application in other Platforms?

Do you approve ads in my application if I publish it in “Amazon app store”, ‘‘Getjar’’ or other playstore like playform??

Not a clear question?!

Yes. Your app will have to be approved before it can show ads.
Approval isn’t required only if your app is downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Can I publish my application in "Amazon Appstore’’ or "Getjar’’ or Other Playstore like platforms??

Where you want to upload your app is totally up to you, but you’ll have to request for ads approval before your app can be monetised.

how to approve there

Go to Kodular account > Ads approval and request an approval there.

I can’t find ad approve system in what it is available now?

And your question is???

Dashboard and Panel Not Showing My Account

Sorry, I’m still confused what your question is about

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