Do you know 10000 into the textbox and convert it to 10,000?


I want to know how to enter an integer into a textbox ~ ^^ The uploaded image is not dotted

I would like to know where I can download the extension. Thanks.

This is not an extension, go to blocks section, after the last component which you added in your project, you can see any component, click on it

English please

@Cleverson_Teixeira you can download TextUtils extension from web.archive since AppyBuilder’s community no longer exist

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I need help … I am unable to solve my problem. I am developing an application on kodular and I will collect data from the user. There will be three numeric textboxes. The user will have to enter € 1.28 in one of the fields. What I need, keep this value always with two decimal places and a comma. Is it possible with the textutils extension to do this? Or, if someone knows otherwise and can help, I will be very grateful.

Easily achieveable even with the default blocks

I don’t know how to do that. I’m new to kodular, I’m still discovering new things.

Do not ask here… this is an year old thread. Come to pm. I will give you the blocks

Ok. Sorry. Thank you very match.