Documentation of Sqlite component unclear, Clear Database method

Hi Taifun,

of course Do it helps to debug blocks and find out what works and what doesn’t. But is that really Kodular’s claim as try and error? At the moment I have the feeling that I am just wasting my time with unnecessary attempts according to the motto “youth research”.
I’m not a beginner in this business with God, you can believe me for once and I’ve already worked with programming languages that you probably don’t even know by name;)
Programming languages and systems come and go, I have found that two things are particularly important to keep a system alive. Price and documentation. Trial and error is definitely not one of them.I am a fan of graphic development systems, so I also develop many things in Talend Open Studio. But Kodular simply lacks the documentation.

An example
What is the function of the DB version in SQLite. Somewhere you can read (or better find by chance) that the database at Clear is reset to version 1. Now what do I do with this statement? there are more questions than answers, or not ?
Before, I think it’s great when some enthusiasts take up the MIT approach and want to make it a working development environment.
But in my opinion, this approach dies when there is a lack of sufficient documentation.

regards Franz


DB version? there is no such property or method?
see also the documentation SQLite - Kodular Docs
you might want to elaborate…


DB version? there is no such property or method?

But of course I want to go into that. Since I had a lot to do with project contracts, I was told that I read documentations very carefully and pointed out gaps. And here is the starting point of my question.

Yes there is a method !

What should I do with this info?

Clear Database does what?

  • Empty the database … so clear all tables.?
  • Bring the Database to the Status I imported?

so what ?


PS: You could say test it than know it, but…not really :woozy_face:

ok, you are talking about the Clear Database method

@CarlosPedroza27 is the author of that sqlite extension which later was imported as component into Kodular… he might want to shed some light onto this

from my naive understanding, clear database deletes everything inside a database including all tables, which results in an empty database… I might be wrong…


That was exactly what I denounced. It is not about pillorying the individual developers, but maybe it is possible in the end that part of the community agrees to work on it to improve the documentation.