Does FireBase not accept a Caption as (tag)?

See the beautiful reasoning of @Chirubot

I was trying to add values directly. That is, my tag was, literally, my caption.

Now my tag is the Firebase tag itself. I show the Bucket and compare my Legend with the Firebase tag.

The algorithm now adds values with the Firebase tag. This is brilliant.

I don’t think I will receive any more errors. Thank you for your concern.


Hey, why you are storing create empty list? Doing so, your tag will not be created and hence, you will get error. You can’t store empty value in a tag.

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That was one part of the solution of the problem,
If we do not store an empty list then, the firebase will not accept as a list.
He wants to append to the list, so I am clarifying that if the values is empty I will create an empty list so that the firebase understands that this tag is a list.

I have been using this method without any errors

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Yes. It stores an empty list, there is no value, or adds it if there is a value. It’s working perfectly.

The cool thing about the solution was to use the Firebase tag itself.


It stores the empty list at the first only, then it will not store again. After creating the empty list it goes on appending the item.

If I had not added if block to check if the value is empty it would remove the previous value every time the user clicks fortunately I have added that block.


Ahhhaa… I understood how it works. Thanks for the explanation. Now I can also use the same procedure. :relieved:


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