Does kodular have any component to upload and host files online?

I am sorry, I feel like this is an obvious question but I couldn’t find the answer by myself.

I am working on an app to help people to find the best places to fuel since gas is each day more expensive where I live.
At first I just allowed the users to tell the price of each place, but some people just type wrong prices. Then the users suggested one different approach:
The users will have to take a picture showing the price of the gas , and these pictures will be available for all the users of the app.

The problem is: I have no clue how to do that. Is there a component that make it easier? Something like tinywebdb but where we could save and get files online?

I would love if there is a free way to do that, but if it costs a few bucks there is no problem. I am sure I can raise funds with the users since they will save a good amount of money every month.

You can try the Cloudinary DB to store and retrieve the pictures

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And for storing files like .pdf?

You can use firebase for that

You can try the Cloudinary DB to store and retrieve the pictures

Thanks, Vaibhav. I did take a look at cloudinary website before opening this thread but I gave up when I saw that the cheapest plan is 99$ a month! Too much expensive for me.
And the free plan looks too much limited. May be I didn’t understand well. Could you clarify some things for me?


  1. Maximum number of users and accounts = 1
    Does it mean only one person can use it at the same time? Or I understood wrong?

  2. Admin API limit per hour = 300
    It means the app can upload up to 300 photos at one hour? Or means users could upload for example 10 pictures at one hour and each of these photos could be downloaded by others 29 users (290 downloads in total + 10 = 300) during this time ?

The screenshot in your reply above confused me also. So I took the help of Google and tried to understand the points mentioned above

  1. Max number of accounts — So yes it’s true that you can only have one account with your free plan(But it is the same with $89 and $224 yearly, so it may not be of much concerned.)

  2. Max number of users — For this have a look below :point_down:
    Can I have multiple users/roles for my account? – Cloudinary Support
    According to what I understand reading the above article is that, if you are enrolled in some Advance or higher plan, then Cloudinary allows you to have multiple users having different roles and accessing the same account. In free plan you don’t get such facility (Also I don’t think the same is needed either at the stage when you or someone else is just starting their journey with Cloudinary)

  3. Admin API limit (per hour) — First, its not 300, its 500 :wink:
    Now what does that mean? Up-to what I read and understood is that, it simply means that Cloudinary allows a max of 500 calls or request (per hour) to its API with the free plan which is then increased to 2000 if you are willing to pay for the Plus and Advance plans.
    Some screenshots :point_down: of what Google says about the same

These all is what I understood and also hope it helps you for your further app development :+1:


Admin API limit (per hour) — First, its not 300, its 500 :wink:

Oh my… After this I guess I have to go back to school to learn how to read:joy::joy:

Well I guess 500 is not great but may be enough. 500*24 = 12000 requests allowed for day, which mean if I have 1.000 active users every day and each of them see 10 photos for day and 100 users send 20 pictures for day I will be able to use the free version without problem. Of course the limits are for hour, not for day, but I can update the app at each 1 hour or something like this to avoid that a few users spend all the requests in a few time. This will be a lot harder than I expected but I think it will be worth the work.

I will test for a week and see how many requests are being made for hour. Depending on the numbers I will delete all pictures after 24 or 48 hours or something like this to avoid problems. If nothing work I will try to raise some money and use a paid plan or a normal server for websites