Does the 'a href' html tag has the same function as the 'activity starter' component?

I would like to know if the ‘a href’ tag does the same function as the ‘activity starter’ component. Cause the clickable text is within a paragraph (text label). I want to direct the ppl to my other playstore app when ppl click on it. I dont know If I can use the activity starter block within a paragraph. Since the text label has the html feature enable I can use tags like ‘a href’. So help me out :slight_smile:

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Make the text block clickable. It is in the Designer screen.

Then you can redirect as needed with the On.Click event.

I am not sure but they don’t do exactly the same thing.
If you use activity starter you can be sure Playstore app will be opened, so the user will be able to install your others apps easily.
If you use a href=“” this may open at playstore or may open at some browser installed by the user. If this open in Chrome may be the user can install apps from there, no big problem. But if it open at another browser the user will not be logged in at his Google Account and will not be able to do this.
And in both cases the user will probably be sent to Play Store the same way (it will depend on the settings of the device). So I think it is better to send the user directly to Play Store app using activity starter.

You can use the click to open Activity Starter.

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Yes, I know. I was just pointing to him that even if he could use a href to open Play Store website, it is better to use activity starter.

I talked about it because some people try to avoid using an extra component (me included), but in this case it is not worthy.

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Hey @mikkupoocha,
Unfortunately you won’t be able to do that. You can add “Href” tag, the text will be underlined but the user won’t be able to click it. Your problem can have to solutions,

  1. Either you can turn Label’s “Clickable” property to true. You would able to use When Label Click block to trigger the event with Activity Starter to open Anything.
  2. Or, you can make an HTML file and display it within a web viewer.

You can directly open playstore by setting following properties in activity starter.

Action :- android.intent.action.View

Data Uri :- market://details?id=YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME

and then start activity, it will launch playstore with your app Page opened.

Image used from @Taifun 's example

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thank you for using one of my activity starter examples, which can be found here
How to launch Google Play from within your app


Hello @Taifun
Sorry I forgot to mention your name. But if you want I can delete the post if you don’t allow to use that image. I was just helping him . I have edited the post and have link to your site.