Does The Error A Bug In Kodular?

this is my code…

in my im-professional opinion, i think the code should do like this(i put the notifier as the output)
‘global Works_Counts == 10’ -> global Works_Counts = 10’ -> ‘length of list = 0’ -> ‘length of list ==10’

however, the app run as this order
‘global Works_Counts = 0’ -> ‘length of list = 0’ -> ‘length of list == 0’ -> ‘global Works_Counts == 10’

i think that the code should run the ‘red arrow direction’ to get my ‘global Works_Counts’ from firebase_db and set my list
however, the code run as ‘the green direction’ shown, leading my list failing to update
i just cannot understand why would this happen…

And i think this is a bug that should be fixed…
My I Wrong ? Could Anyone give me some suggestions to let my program run as what i intend to?

of course, i know

[initial code]

[list adding]

by understanding how the program flow is, i can still program what i need,
but my question is that does the ‘stack pushing job’ that ‘kudolar developer made’ has some problem??

Not For Criticizing, kudolar did a great job on the tools, but i just wonder will this be considered fixing or just everyone has got familiar with the ‘special running-flow’

ha ~ ha ~, have a nice day for everyone~

you have to understand how asynchronic methods work…
to get some data from Firebase takes a little bit of time…
therefore you should move the blocks, which should be executed after the result has been received into the GotValue event