Don't getting data from firebase

I’m working on a app for a long time. I finished the app last night. But from today, I don’t know why its stuck in a screen. Every things I checked in the block,api,links, Still same problem. It stuck in a screen and it doesn’t getting data from firebase. I did every thing on firebase still,no responce. Can anyone please help me in this case? Thanks in advance

You haven’t given us any real information so you’ll need to wait for the magicians to wake up and look into their crystal balls and figure out what is going on in your app.

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Can you please tell me that, is there can be error in app if there is mistake in airtable

If you want help you have to give serious info. You don’t tell anything that is helpful. Read the following topic.

There is an error somewhere in your blocks.


Please provide more details like blocks, firebase structure.