Dont Work After Added Admob

Dear all,
i have problem with my App.
after added admob extension in my app, i have problem while export to *.apk

  1. Have many error (can not export to *.apk)
  2. When i success export to apk and install in my phone, app don’t open. error massage “Application have bugs”,

but, when i test with companion no problem.

any solution? help me please.
thank you.

Can proved aia ?it will be better to look for bugs
Or errors

what about providing a screenshot of these errors?
see also


Thank you for suggestion.
yes i have searching in google and forum befor.

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Hi have you got solution ?

yes, i remove extension. and build new.

thank you all.

So there was isseu with extension or project

Admob extension will give this error.

Why its giving this error

could you pls guide me how to get that extension? thanks

Asking me ? If yes then pm me

Try a search in the extensions directory
App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps or here in the community

Because only premium users can use ad extensions



Yes I’d know that. I said that for the non-premium users.

I apologise i didn’t mention that on the reply.