Double Side Menu Layout

You can use the additional component to let the user select one of the subitems, like the ListPicker component, Notifier’s Show List Picker block, etc.

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hello, would you have a guide here, taught from basic to advanced, with all the commands explaining its use so that I can learn Kodular and assemble the blocks? I also want to understand each function of the palettes.

Where do I find this additional component on the pallets?

You can find ListPicker and Notifier component in User Interface category.

Also, you can always search for a component using the search button.

if not ask too much, would you like to get a print showing your location?

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I did everything right as known. While running on the phone, the screen shows the Text for List_picker1 button and on top of it the Side_Menu_Layout1.
However, clicking Side_Menu_Layout1 opens the Side Menu, all in white. And if I click on the Text for List_Picker1 button, a screen with the title of Category in blue appears, and below a Black screen with the sub-Menus I created: Aminoacids and Proteins.
I wanted this screen to open in the sidebar that went blank.

@amigolojista you are new here so start with tutorials.You can find a lot on YouTube and also in the community.

It is because you have set background color to default.

You have not changed title color and item background color and item text.
My suggestion will be download Companion app and connect to Kodular Creator than make changes to components you have used so you can see it live.

I have yes the Kodular Company downloaded and it is in him that I am testing now. I would very much like to learn from you, so could you point me to these tutorials here in the community? Another thing, I hit the blank screen here. But then the button should be invisible, correct? and only visible after the right Side Menu is activated?

Get started by this guide:

So you need a drop down menu in the side menu to choose categories?

Exactly. By clicking 3 dots on top, the side menu opens and the options appear:

Clicking on categories creates a category and products spec. Then the options appear within category: Amino acids

So if you click Proteins, go to the Proteins screen.

This is called ’ Action Bar ’ not Side Menu Layout.
Try these steps:
Designer >>>>>
1.Create your side menu layout in verical arrangement or vertical scroll arrangement.
2.Drag and Drop Spinner component from User Interface.
Now do your designing settings as your choice.
Blocks >>>>>
1.Make a variable with a list using make a list block and add items to it.
2.Now on screen initialize block set Spinner elements to that list.
3.Use after selection block to proceed.

If you still have any problems then post here.

You can see in this AIA. I have made drop down interface in the app. You can use the logic in your app.

vimantfinancial.aia (387.8 KB)

Thank you. I’ll study your model, yes. and try to understand.

I was looking for the same thing as the topic author, I downloaded the project and I liked it very much, that’s what I needed, I’d like to know how to do it in the normal side menu, In what has three lines???

not the points, but the 3 traces that appear when you have the Side Menu Layout. I want when I click on the Side Menu Layout, open the Side Menu, and on it appear like this:

Category >
Brands >

Category >
Amino acids

Brands >
Manufacturer A
Manufacturer B

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I also want this

You can simply add expand and collapse arrow using material icons and add another arrangement and make it visible when the arrow is up and invisible when arrow is down. Use vertical arrangement and add your options in it.

FSB.aia (4.4 MB)