Double Side Menu Layout

You can see in this AIA. I have made drop down interface in the app. You can use the logic in your app.

vimantfinancial.aia (387.8 KB)

Thank you. I’ll study your model, yes. and try to understand.

I was looking for the same thing as the topic author, I downloaded the project and I liked it very much, that’s what I needed, I’d like to know how to do it in the normal side menu, In what has three lines???

not the points, but the 3 traces that appear when you have the Side Menu Layout. I want when I click on the Side Menu Layout, open the Side Menu, and on it appear like this:

Category >
Brands >

Category >
Amino acids

Brands >
Manufacturer A
Manufacturer B

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I also want this

You can simply add expand and collapse arrow using material icons and add another arrangement and make it visible when the arrow is up and invisible when arrow is down. Use vertical arrangement and add your options in it.

FSB.aia (4.4 MB)