Doubt about application category related

That’s an earning app

But its not like watch and earn

Anyways, it won’t be allowed so don’t try

If i make a app like revenue share of my total earnings .

And if i don’t put ads then is it against policy

You’re not clear. Ads are not encouraged (I mean, you can use them but they are not liked)

Probably not allowed. I don’t think giving money to user is allowed in any way

Probably not allowed. I don’t think giving money to user is allowed in any way
Why If i give money to user is not allowed. i give money from my revenue.
It means giving money to user is not allowed in kodular. Why ??

If you not showing ads. Then how you can earn from your app

In app purchase

Please calm down. I think it is not allowed because it could cause legal issues if exploited

What do you mean by that one line?

Friends :slightly_smiling_face: I find a post of kodular moderator about this

I think you trying to make app like rewards to wallet. i mean google play balance to paytm or bank account. but your app will suspended by google

Is kodular do not allow earning apps

If your app not like that. then you can make

Apps with the sole purpose of watching ads or completing tasks in exchange for real-life currency (commonly known as ‘earning apps’), or encourage users to click on ads are strictly prohibited and will be blocked. Earning apps could also result in suspension of your Google Play, AdMob or Kodular account.
~Kodular Docs

And please don’t hijack topics made by others.

I know this, my app is related to moderator second line see here

Now, I reached a final decision.
I make a this topic/decision in a separate or simple point look here :point_right::point_right:

According to my research

Not Allowed Apps

:point_right: 1. Those apps in which user is forced to click ads or watched ads without doing any work.
:point_right:2. Watch and earn apps are completely illegal it may leads to suspension of your kodular,play console, ads account.
:point_right:3. Those app in which user click a button and show many ads.
:point_right:4.Show rewarded ads to user for giving points/money without any work.
:point_right:5. Show ads to user when he open app or click exit button.

Here Is Alloweded Apps

:point_right:1.If you want to make apps like app like rooter,gamezop then make sure don’t force user to see ads.
:point_right:2. Show ads in app only when user something work and its complete then show a ad.
And Final step is please follow the rules and policies of kodular and ads providers.
Thanks :innocent:

I believe even letting users play a game and earn points to redeem those points for real money is still an earning app with extra steps.

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