Doubts Dynamic Components and drop-down list

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I wanted to ask two questions that I have, if it can be done.

On the one hand, in a drop-down list, which takes the data from Airtable, how can I eliminate the repeated elements in the drop-down? I don’t know if a counter can be made, which will keep the first element in the list but eliminate the subsequent ones. Any other ideas?

On the other hand, regarding Dynamic Components, which I am beginning to understand. In the App I am creating, I have two parts on the same screen created with Dynamic Components and when the user clicks it redirects him to another screen. How can I distinguish both parts created with Dynamic Components, so that when I click it will redirect you to one screen or another?
The click is done with “When any CardView click”


In One Part
You Keep The ID of CardView as Screen1

In Other Part
You Keep The ID of CardView as Screen2

In When Any CardView Clicked Event

Use The Get ID Block to Know the ID of Clicked CardView

if ID Contains Text Piece Screen1
then Open Screen1

elseif ID Contains Text Piece Screen2
then Open Screen2

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Thank you very much, I will put it into practice

You Can Use Remove Duplicates Block From This Extension

To Remove Any Duplicate Data Entries In The List You Get From AirTable

And Then Use The New List (Without Duplicates) To Create Whatever You Want.

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