Download apk does not work, OneSignalFix extension

well, new update has come… :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: but… i tried download a new apk of my app and this is the first incident:

the icon disappears!

and when I press the file to install :
could not parse packet

And I can’t install de APK on Android 12

I didn’t make any changes to the project, I just wanted to test the surface view component to see if it worked.

Any suggestions??

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If you already installed your app from playstore??

Then uninstall that app and instal the apk

Not from app store, I tried to download from Kodular, Export option as .apk

Just exported apk and installed successfully on android 11​:white_check_mark::pray:

Unable to install the apk file on Android 12 …

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See here



OK, once the onesignalfix extension is removed, it works.

thanx @Taifun


Thank you. That was very helpful.

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