Download files from app

I have created an app that edit photos. You can upload a photo, apply filters and then click the ‘download’ button to download the output image to your device. How can I enable this type of download? Hope someone will answer this. Thank you.

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use the inbuilt download component

These are my blocks.
When the image editing is finished, a download button appear. When this button is clicked, a png image should be downloaded. It now shows an error: RUNTIME ERROR: Can only download HTTP/HTTPS URLs:blob:https://siteurl

@Thasneem_Ck Try this way :point_down:



thank you. But I cant get the ‘global url’ option to use.
and still the error shows.
pls note, a download button appears after editing is finished. when the download button is clicked, a png image is downloaded. this image does not have a url.

@Thasneem_Ck Global url option is for setting name for the file !!!

Is the file downloading now ?

thank you . this is the issue i think. the file dont have a url.

could you pls help me with the blocks? i am in beginner stage

hi, im a beginner
there is a blahblahbla text in the image. do i need to replace it with anything?

no. same error. (as its anoutput file, i think it do not have a url)

i too feel same
i try an app which same as whatsapp web using webviewer
but cant able to download the file
it says same

Runtime error: Can only download http/https URIs