Download files from webview

Can i download files from webview? When users open a link that is a file in webview, how can i download it?

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Why dont you search the forum. This has been asked many times before.

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I cant find the answer that i want

Hello, you can use the “Download” component to download any files

But how can i know the webview is on download need

i have no idea about it. but u can download via direct url with “download” component

Download component is good but some time we need to download from web view because we don’t have all download links

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yes, your speak what i want the say

i’m also interested on it too but wait. this feature is not available in web viewer component yet. so if you want it go ahead create an “i want” topic and ask staffs to implement this. hope it will be added :star_struck:

Make a fuction that when a link is copied. Open the notifier with download option and when tghe user clicks it the file should start downloading !!

Use Extended web view

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Is it important?
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